How Cannabis Helps People With Cancer


The formerly misunderstood cannabis plant is proving its detractors wrong. Currently, it is one of the most widely studied natural remedies for multiple forms of diseases. In recent years, there has been medical research that claims CBD (cannabidiol) can be beneficial for people suffering from cancer.

What Exactly is CBD and Why Has It Gotten So Popular Now?

CBD or Cannabidiol, is merely one of the hundreds of chemical compounds found in the cannabis. There are several methods for extracting this chemical from the plants flowers. Many scientists are saying the this is one of the the most beneficial cannabinoids. Currently, there are many different types of CBD products that can be legally purchased and consumed. There are also topical CBD products, but most of these are formulated for the skin care and the cosmetic industry. There is little doubt that CBD can treat many ailments known to men. As this is so effective as a preventive solution, many users have testified the benefits of this miracle CBD oil. Specifically with regards to curing chronic diseases such as asthma, Alzheimer’s, HIV, Dementia, Sclerosis, Rheumatism, Migraines Crohn’s disease and Type 1 Diabetes.

The Endocannabinoid System

In the 80s, the endocannabinoid system was discovered in our bodies. This system interacts with the Brain, being responsible for signaling all the other systems of the body. Allowing the Brain to coordinate with the body properly and function correctly. It has been named the Endocannabinoid System, which means “internal cannabinoid”. However, our bodies are unable to produce enough cannabinoids due to our current lifestyle and the pollution in our modern environment. Therefore, it is vital for us to have more cannabinoids, particularly CBDs in our bodies. Imagine what would happen if the bodies signaling system would not have a “strong signal”, similar to a mobile phone with a weak signal. Naturally, the bodies systems will not be able to communicate and coordinate properly. This will result in different diseases and homeostasis.

How Do Cancer Cells Form?

We all have cancer cells. Those cancer cells have oncogenes that control a cell’s ability to grow and divide. When cancer begins, the oncogenes become “turned on” when they are not meant to be activated. Therefore, an excess growth of cells will occur. This can lead to the growths or abnormal martial in the body, a Tomer is an example of tis. The Level or Stage of Cancer can be defined by the size of these growths and how much they have spread inside the bodies systems. The final process, or metastasis, means that cancer has spread completely thought out the body, making it difficult to treat effetely. Though the exact reason why cancer occurs is still a mystery, the that cause of most Cancers are widely known. Smoking, exposure to harmful chemicals, Viruses, ionizing radiation, and prolonged exposure to sunlight are all factors that lead to most forms of Cancer.

How CBD Can Benefit Cancer Patients

As mentioned earlier, more CBD or cannabidiol is needed in the endocannabinoid system for our body to reach a level of homeostasis. At present, more studies are needed to verify if CBD can potentially prevent Cancer in all the variants and their respective stages. What is abundantly clear is that CBDs high antioxidant levels help our body repair most of the damaged cells and even assists the production of new, healthy cells. The anti-inflammatory and calming properties of CBD been beneficial many patients undergo chemotherapy.

How Much CBD Should be Consumed for Cancer Prevention?

Since the purpose of consuming CBD will be for the prevention of a very fatal disease, it is best to consult a physician for this. Most people would normally consume 10 to 100 mg of CBD as a supplement and treatment for less serious physical ailments. CBD oil would be the best CBD product for cancer patients since it has the fastest absorption in the body.

Remember, not all CBD products are created equal. It would be wise to read different reviews first before you buy any CBD products online.