CBD and its Anti Aging Properties


We are bombarded with ideas on how beautiful skin and physique should be. Though it causes more people to become uncomfortable with their natural looks – bone structure, hair color, skin tone, etc… most of us, especially the ladies, feel that we have to fit the standards that have been set by the media and fashion icons.

CBD, a More Natural Way of Preventing the Signs of Aging

Do you remember how it felt when you saw some lines on your face that indicated aging? That horrible feeling is the reason why the health, beauty and wellness industry amass billions of dollars every year. This cut-throat industry entice us to try procedures such as botox, liposuction, and plastic surgery. These are all costly and might lead to some unwanted side effects. Fortunately, one of Mother Nature’s miracle plants, cannabis, has CBD. At present, the CBD beauty creams, lotions, moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners have become valued skin care products by more ladies. CBD is not just non-invasive, it is natural, and healthier to the whole body.

What Speeds Up Skin Aging?

We are surrounded with “comforts” that actually shorten our life span and make skin aging faster. If you come to think of it, eating canned goods, and other foods with preservatives and additives can make us much faster. Sadly, most of us are always “on the go” and would naturally opt to have a more convenient way to prepare our meals and snacks. As a result of this modern lifestyle, before the age of 25, our body produces less and less elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen’s role in the body is to keep our skin firm and youthful looking. While nobody can prevent aging, we can reverse premature aging and age more gracefully by eating more fruits and vegetables, and using organic skin care products. Below are some ways on how CBD can prevent aging.

CBD Works Better than Vitamin C

A 1998 scientific research revealed that CBD, as an antioxidant, is more potent than Vitamin C and Vitamin E combined. In the said study, the scientists studied CBD’s effects on rat brain cells. The results of this study suggest that CBD’s skin care products could be better than the popular creams that have been heavily advertised in mainstream media. The antioxidants that are in CBD skin care products are very potent in blocking the possible damages of the free radicals. Thus, the aging process slows down, and the skin begins to be free from wrinkles, acne and other skin related problems.

CBD is Great in Moderating Oil Production

This is great news for those whose skin is very prone to pimple breakouts and acne. When you use CBD oil as a moisturizer twice a day, it not only hydrates your skin, but also removes the excess oil, helping you to have a clearer and more presentable skin without having to avail of the expensive dermatological procedures. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil also makes sure that the inner layers of your skin will be healthier. As for the existing pimple marks, it would be best to use other organic beauty creams so that your whole epidermis will receive a full all-natural treatment from Mother Nature herself. All you have to do is to be consistent in your organic skin care regimen, eat less oily food, exercise more. Be patient, wait for a few months, and reap the benefits of your lifestyle change.

Final Note…

Remember, it will definitely take time before we will be able to reap from the benefits of CBD products, because these products are organic, and free from the man-made chemicals that offer a much faster relief. However, patience will pay off since there will be no side effects. Choosing Mother Nature’s miraculous plants will always be better in the long run.