Can CBD Really Treat Different Forms of Dementia?


CBD has become more popular lately, and all for a good reason. This miracle product has been quite efficient in helping mankind be free from ailments, including the more serious ones like dementia. The Baby Boomer Generation has lately been plagued with different forms of neurological disorders, especially dementia. At present, there are almost 60 million people worldwide who have been medically diagnosed with dementia. We all know though, that not everyone will get themselves checked. So just imagine how many old people actually have this debilitating disease. The moment you are diagnosed with dementia, your life expectancy will be much shorter, and you will automatically have less than one decade to live, even if you seem physically healthy.

So What Exactly is Dementia?

When we hear the word dementia, what mostly comes to mind is that this is one disorder that causes senility. However, it is actually not a specific medical condition, but an umbrella term used to describe a variety of diseases that mostly damages the brain and other neurological and cognitive functions of the body. The first symptoms of dementia will not be too obvious, since it mostly deals with memory loss. As time passes by, the dementia sufferer will experience problem solving skills and will even be unable to recognize his loved ones. It can be very severe, and will reach the point where the dementia patient will find it difficult to bathe and feed himself. According to scientists, the primary cause of dementia is brain cell damage. When the brain cell’s receptors lose its capacity to convey information to the other parts of the body, then the most common day-to-day activities will be immensely hampered.

CBD Promotes Memory Enhancement

Neurogenesis, or the growth and development of neurons, is the most important thing that should happen to those who have dementia. The severely impaired neurogenesis capacity of the dementia sufferers can be corrected by CBD. In a medical reseach where some lab mice with cognitive deficiency were given CBD treatments, it was found out that in just 3 weeks of the CBD treatment, the mice exhibited having lesser cognitive deficiency. It took about 6 to 8 months of treatment though before the mice could function normally again. Therefore, with a regular intake of CBD, nutritious food intake and proper exercise, the symptoms of dementia will be minimized; helping the dementia patient to still be capable of functioning normally and still attend social functions.

CBD Lessens the Harmful Effects of Oxidation

Oxidation not only damages the immune system, but it also causes damage to the brain, particularly to the brain cells and brain receptors. Fortunately, CBD has a very high antioxidant level, which is very effective in fighting off oxidation. Also, the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system signals the body to repair the cells that have been damaged by oxidation. As a result, there will be fewer free radicals that cause oxidation. Thus, the brain remains sharp and capable of functioning normally.

CBD Helps Dementia Patients Fight Stress

CBD first became popular because it helped people sleep better and have lesser anxiety. Patients with dementia have very bad sleeping problems. A long and restful sleep is vital for cellular repair and rejuvenation. CBD helps produce more serotonin, or happy hormone. When your body has more serotonin, you will be able to sleep better. Unlike other people who use CBD just to stay healthy, dementia sufferers need to take a higher dosage of CBD oil for them to feel the benefits that others have been raving about.

To conclude, CBD is quite potent and can truly alleviate the symptoms of dementia sufferers, but it will take time before you will feel its effect since this is a natural way to get healed.