Brand Review: SunJoined


We live in an era where people are conscientious about the products they buy. When shopping at the supermarket, you probably check if the product you’re looking to buy was sourced organically and cruelty-free. What many of us do not know is that buying mass-produced CBD products may go against everything that we believe in. Did you know that many CBD brands do not manufacture their products or have any control whatsoever about how they’re made? Even worse, some brands outsource the manufacturing of their products to private labeling firms in China and other parts of the world. The result is usually that these products have questionable quality. With that said, there are a few CBD brands that you can trust. One of them is SunJoined.

SunJoined was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Lamar Wilson. This isn’t a traditional CBD company. Instead, it is a network of hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. While explaining the motive behind his organization, Wilson described it as “potluck capitalism.” According to him, rather than the usual capitalist model where lots of people work and only a few reap the benefits, SunJoined seeks to create a mutually beneficial relationship between different players in the hemp industry.

SunJoined already has farmer partners with thousands of acres of land in different states across the U.S. Most of the farms that have signed up to the SunJoined network are small scale, family-owned farms that are struggling to compete with the high spending mass producers. Among other things, the SunJoined network allows these farmers to benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of all the members of the network. Apart from sharing ideas and best practices, these farmers can also buy seeds of the best varieties of hemp from fellow farmers and other players in the network. But it doesn’t stop there. The processors and manufacturers in the network can purchase raw hemp material from the farmers. They can also count on the distributors to get their products out there.

SunJoined is leading by example. The organization has harnessed its network to produce CBD oil tinctures. First, hemp is sourced from one of the farms in the network and transported to a facility owned by one of the processors in the SunJoined network. Every aspect of the manufacturing of this product is kept within the group – from sourcing the raw hemp to putting the finished products on the shelf. SunJoined CBD oil tinctures are made with full-spectrum hemp extract. They are available with varying CBD concentration levels (500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg) and come with different flavors (Watermelon, Lemonade, and Cannafresh).

The hemp industry is growing at a rapid pace. Financial experts have predicted that the market for CBD products could be worth up to $22 billion by 2022. Wilson insists that the collaboration between all these players in the hemp industry can provide a competitive advantage. If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions for the SunJoined group, feel free to reach them via [email protected]